Lead Organizer - 

Jason Turnmire

Local 564 has been here for over 60 years. We intend to keep this Local here operating and growing for many years to come.
The workers we represent are of the highest skilled and trained people in the area. We have a full array of workers from janitors, crane operators, and firefighters to chemical plant operators. There is no limit to who or what job we represent.
If you work for a non-union company, you have a legal right to join a union of your choice. If you have any questions about a union or if you want to talk about how we can help you protect your rights, please call our union office at 979-480-0003 anytime to inquire about YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS.
In Solidarity,
Charlie Singletary
Business Manager IUOE Local 564


Assistant Business Manager - 

​Ronnie Orsak

Business Manager - Charlie Singletary

Members of Local 564 Enjoy

​Higher Wages

Better Retirement / Pension

A voice the boss can't ignore!

Our Local was chartered in 1946.  Our chartered members recognized the need for an effective union in order to negotiate fair wages, working conditions and benefit programs.  
Our members during the 1950's and 1960's established our health and welfare plans and our pension.  These members also had the insight to develop our training program.  While these early pioneers of Local 564 were the ones who got things rolling, each subsequent generation of members has also stood together to continue our fight for good wages and to expand our fringe benefit programs.  

​The many decades of experience our Local has in southeast Texas is one of the key reasons why you should consider forming a union with us.  When you are part of our brotherhood, you get the benefit of our thousands of hours spent at the bargaining table with companies and contractors in this area.  We know them inside and out...and they all know how hard Local 564 fights for our members.  And the companies know they are not just dealing with the Local's staff...but are up against the entirety of our membership.  

​Our local union consists of operators, laboratory workers, firemen, janitors, utility workers, light truck drivers, building engineers, maintenance workers at federal border crossings, and some equipment operators.  If you fall into one of these job categories, you can likely benefit from considering forming a union with us at Local 564.  Even if you do not have one of these jobs, but you are interested in improving your wages, benefits or working conditions, give us a call.  We'd be happy to assist you in any way we can or to point you to one of the other great unions in the area.  


Current Contracts 

  • ​Ashland

  • Able Engineering

  • Calumet

  • AMF Mechanical Corp

  • CSC Applied Technologies

  • Double V. Enterprises

  • Chevron Phillips

  • Eastco

  • Conoco Phillips

  • EML, LLC

  • Conoco Pipeline 

  • FSS Alutiiq

  • Dow

  • J&J Worldwide

  • Sterling Chemicals

  • KIC Development, LLC

  • Eastman

  • LB&B

  • Hilton Americas

  • Southern Contracting Solutions

  • Kinder Morgan

  • TRDI

  • ​M1 Support Services

  • UNICCO Service CO

  • PM Realty

  • ​W.W. Contractors

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